CA Real Estate News Update

There are many things to consider before you “sell” a personal residence or investment property.  And, strangely enough, there are things to consider before you “continue to hold” your property.  

For example: There can be negative capital gains tax consequences when the profit in your personal residence exceeds $250,000 per spouse.  It is possible to defer capital gains taxes on investment properties by doing an exchange for “like kind” property. And, portability of low property taxes to another home is one of the hottest topics for homeowners who are considering a move.

Markets and laws are continuously changing, so I regularly author & publish money saving SPECIAL REPORTS on my website.

The articles are designed to answer your questions related to Capital Gains Taxes, Property Tax Assessment Portability, Methods to Defer or Reduce Taxes, and more.  This page is a Directory to these Special Reports.

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